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If we did not have your system installed, we would have had a wet Thomas Fond du Lac, WI Now they appear to have two. That you can take your pick between Musgrave and Kraft regarding who had the better rookie debut in 2023, and who projects as the better tight end this season and beyond, is a testament to how talented each is on their own. Together, the duo should create endless opportunities in scheme, which is known to re- ly heavily on the tight end position. Of course, that word always worth keeping in mind with young playmak- ers. Should.

Musgrave and Kraft will need to show they can build promis- ing rookie seasons, but there is reason for genuine excitement at this position for the time in a long, long time. Be- hind them, Sims is an intriguing third option after potential as an un- drafted rookie, and return from a torn ACL should solidify the depth chart. primary function is on spe- cial teams, but an essential role for a fourth tight end. Tackles (9): Rasheed Walker, Zach Tom, Jordan Morgan (r), Andre Dillard (n), Caleb Jones, Luke Tenuta, Kadeem Telfort, Travis Glover (r), Donovan Jennings (r) Let the competitions begin. The Packers are relatively well-stocked in their season after David Bakhtiari, no small thing considering the void a player of ilk usually leaves.

Walker showed he is a capable starter at left tackle, improving as last season progressed. He is a solid run blocker, and there is no reason to think he would struggle on the right side. Tom is a qual- ity right tackle, and hard to move quality right tackles to the interior, no matter the potential upside. Then there is Morgan, a versatile tackle the Packers did not draft in the round to keep on the sideline. Morgan will get his chance at left tackle, but he comes with the insurance policy of capably moving inside to guard.

In the ideal world, the best tackle tandem might con- sist of Morgan and Walker, facilitating move inside to ensure their best on the But given the coaching high opinion of Tom at right tack- le, and the market comps between tack- le and the interior, his relocation will have to be forced through competition. Guards (4): Elgton Jenkins, Sean Rhyan, Royce Newman, Lecitus Smith (n) Jenkins is the most constant on the line. stun- ning to realize the 2019 second-round draft pick is their most experienced player on a reminder how quickly time passes in this league. If left guard is secured, right guard is another reality. A year after rotating with Jon Runyan, Rhyan is the frontrunner to se- cure a starting job.

He potential last season as a stout run blocker, but the former college tackle will need to polish his technique in pass protection. Rhyan will receive competition in a va- riety of directions, most from Morgan if the Packers ultimately move him inside, which does not appear to be their preference. rule out Tom sliding in at right guard if the third tackle, which also might not be likely. More probable, draft pick Jacob Monk could get a shot at right guard if Rhyan slips. Centers (2): Josh Myers, Jacob Monk (r) There is a gulf in opinion between Packers coaches and Packers fans on credentials as the starting center.

Luke Butkus, the line coach, revealed the coaching when he said Myers is the lone lineman who cross-trained at other positions. Josh Myers is our Butkus deadpanned. The Pack- ers appreciate how Myers handles the center position. It is the anchor of an of- fensive line, responsible for pre-snap communication and ensuring everyone is in sync with the quarterback. Myers handles that role at a high enough level to excuse mediocre, but improved, blocking.

why Myers never has faced a real threat to his starting job, and likely this Monk, an intrigu- ing rookie, is more likely to start at right guard than center in 2024, though he could be an option moving forward giv- en Myers is entering the year of his rookie contract. Defensive tackles (8): Kenny Clark, Devonte Wyatt, T.J. Slaton, Karl Brooks, Colby Wooden, Jonathan Ford, Spencer Waege (n), James Ester (r) It was no surprise Gutekunst ran back his interior defensive line from last season. The Packers are a group that anchored their defense as an unquestioned strength last fall can transition to a consistent four-man front. There are both intriguing and concerning byproducts of their move from a 3-4 defense.

Wyatt should bene- most, given his quick-twitch explo- siveness the ball. He had a breakout second season, seeing his sack produc- tion increase from 1.5 as a rookie to 5.5 in 2023, aligning high expectations as running mate on the interior. Slaton have the same pass-rush production, but he was the best run de- fender on a line that includes Clark, of- ten bullying his way into the Defensive ends (9): Rashan Gary, Lukas Van Ness, Preston Smith, Kingsley Enagbare, Brenton Cox Keshawn Banks, Arron Mosby, Kenneth Odumegwu, Deslin Alexandre (n) Another Gutekunst staple, the Pack- preference for bigger edge rushers should ease their transition from out- side linebacker to defensive end. Across the board, their top three go 277 pounds (Gary), 272 (Van Ness) and 265 (Smith). defensive end size.

The question is when the 258-pound Enagbare will return to the this season. Enag- 2023 was thought to end with a torn ACL during the only for his medical situation to be downgraded to after further examination this The key he has yet to have knee surgery. The Pack- ers are hopeful that continues, expedit- ing his return to the Linebackers (8): Quay Walker, Edgerrin Cooper (r), Isaiah McDuffie, Hopper (r), Eric Wilson, Kristian Welch, Christian Young, Ralen Goforth (r) The Packers never have had a nickel linebacker battery with the athletic pro- Walker and Cooper present. Both have tremendous length at the position, ranking in the 85th and 88th percentile in wingspan, respectively, according to MockDraftable. Their respective 4.52 and 4.51 speed is elite.

Their pass-rush- ing potential is a luxury the line of scrimmage. There are ample possibilities for to get creative in his scheme with a tandem like this. The Packers will need to out their base alignment with three linebackers, no matter how frequently they play nickel. also need to determine who wears the green dot communication helmet, though possible those re- sponsibilities could fall to a safety. As for pure athleticism, the potential should be very high with this group.

Cornerbacks (9): Jaire Alexander, Carrington Valentine, Keisean Nixon, Eric Stokes, Corey Ballentine, Robert Rochell, Kalen King (r), Zyon Gilbert, Gemon Green (n) A position that received minimal reinforcements hinges on a lot of hypo- theticals. Can Alexander regain his elite coverage form? To do that, the highest-paid cornerback will not only need to stay healthy, but refocus the after being suspended one game late last season. Can Valentine continue his development after an impressive rookie season as a seventh-round pick? The Packers seem intent on giving him that chance with a shot at a starting job. Can Nixon consistency in the slot? He a lot of potential as a nickel corner last season, but also led the de- fense in missed tackles and too many coverage breakdowns. Then attempt to reignite a career de- railed by injuries.

Safeties (8): Xavier McKinney (n), Javon Bullard (r), Evan Williams (r), Anthony Johnson Kitan Oladapo (r), Benny Sapp III, Zayne Anderson, Tyler Coyle When Gutekunst decides to remake a position, he use half measures. No safety on the open market got a rich- er deal this spring than McKinney, whose $16.75 million annual salary makes him the fourth-highest- paid player at his position. The Packers drafted three safeties in the top rounds; Gutekunst selected four safe- ties in his six drafts combined. What Gutekunst hopes to provide his defense with the additions is an inter- changeable safety battery that can equally rotate near the line of scrim- mage or deep. The Packers believe Mc- Kinney is the ideal safety to star in Ha- system, capable of doing every- thing the job requires well.

Bullard has the to provide depth as a See PACKERS, Page 8A Packers Continued from Page 6A.

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