The Sheboygan Press from Sheboygan, Wisconsin (2024)

3i Sheboygan Press, Thursday, November 7, 1974 K0Y SH0WIHG! FDH FWRJENTS Af.D YDUNQ PtDPLE nKlinHii.Hifilitorn frtmt atmr ne imM) Special Limited Engagement! mat awn wmniyum c(wx. Sunday Night SMORGASBORD including U.S. CHOICE Pilir.lE RIDS end IIAf.l plus TWO Other Entrees Above includes Solod Borf Dessert and Beverage 1 1 SHOWTIME SHEBOYGAN Matinee 1:15, Out 4:20 Shaggy Dog 7:55 Bears MARC 1 Yard MARC 2 WISCONSIN Jeremiah PLYMOUTH Huckleberry Fin 7:00 ta tees icmnto Ul KtS AC tr Age VEILER'S BALLROOM I 4 miles North of Port VVoshlngton on Hwy. 141 "Southeastern Wisconsin's Bast In Entertatnnwtf" FRIDAY, Nov. 8 fj BENEFIT Mariners of Port Washington Featuring the 3 1 ill FAKNTU 6WANa TXs-Twnogffrs.

as Friday Night' RESTRICTED Under 16 requires occomponymg Parent Adult Guardian Johnsonn rti ri.i A. Fish Fowl Buffet Above includes salad bar, dessert and beverage 3 ADULTS ONLY HSU F3tY every Friday nite p00" odmittedj (Aae Rmrt mov vorv Thenar. i m.certom oreos.) Music for Listening and Dancing Parties ww Decame a legcna i Friday Special fi THE BAND WAGON LEf.lOn DROP DAtiD FREE BEER from 9 'til In dance hall only a a a a wmb a a a SATURDAY, Nov. 9 WEDDING DBBQBBDaaDI SUNDAY, Now. 10 "THE BANANAS" rNcnai Make Your Reservations Now For The film PG) destined to be a classic! Shown Nightly at 7 9:10 Matinee Sunday Pass list Suspended ir.

i served Turkey and Ham Buffet with all the Trimmings Family Style For large Families SORGE Charcoal House, Ltd. Route 1 Hwy. 151, 4 Miles West of Manitowoc Dial 6824636 For Reservations Pan Fried nil lIDXi EUliLiUHr I nrV kJHU lA ft.M Vwiu a a au- a AT VOUfl NEARBY WAPCUS THEATRE ato Frfdoy Flatten of SHRIMP SEAFOOD Chicken Home of the Famous BRQASTED CHICKEN FISH FRY FRIDAYS Entertainment FRIDAY NIGHT 0LGA SAYE and her Accordion Doe to a private party DINING ROOM CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC Saturday Night from 6 to 9 KLEMME'S WAGON WHEEL INN Howards Grove Closed Mondays MATINEE FRI. SAT. CONTINUOUS SUNDAY! Evenings From 6:301 HIND'S i includes our attractive TWO BIG DISNEY FEATURES! salad bar "Home OF The Broasted" BROASTED CHICKEN.

TO GO OOeO0 Oo0 OoOCOOoO WAIT DISNEY priiductions- -i rs, -fcf Good today thru Nov. 1 3 WEEK'S Give Ad To Wh'n 0rjBnn9 BOX W'tfPl 9 it 4 8 pieces $3.00 I UK XKLUIN, Complete Dinner SPECIAL LADIIST0P, HVV 1 2 pieces Complete I 1 pieces Fridav-SafurdaV'Sundav Walt Disney Production jpo OoOooOoooOoo ooooooojtsbw--' TICHMCOLOR 1 1 SUNDAY Smorgasbord serving 1 1 a.m. to 6 p.m. RESERVATIONS APPRECIATED No Friday reservations necessary. AUAL's BANQUET HALL Corner S.

1 2th Clara Dial 452-S530 1 500 Block Mults $2 00, ShidmH with cord $130, Children undtr 12 $1.00 FRENCH PRIED I 20 pieces Cole lb. Broastod ff LUttdltU Monday Through Thursday Specials Served 5 to 1 0 p.m. only i Serving BREAKFAST From 15 to 10:45 Featuring a Complete Breakfast Menu Dally Monday thru Friday Read The Classified Ads $50 Hed Overf 3rd Week! BURT REYNOLDS and RAY NITSCHKE in "THE LONGEST YARD" (R) Now Showing! GEORGE SEGAL and ELLIOT GOULD in "CALIFORNIA SPLIT" (R) HU iA)iMAW'iJJJIII. Your Choice TEKSERLCIN BUTT SIRLOIN STEAK BAR-B-4UED CHICKEN BAR-B-QUED RIBS Includest salad, potato, rolls, butter, coffee 6 1 Corners BBSS' UIIDAY TE12DERL0IN CATERING FOR YOUR EVERY NEED Weddings Forties Halls Available Restaurant Millhome Supper Club Crystal Ballroom Route 2, KIEL WIS. (3 miles East of Kiel on Hwys.

57 32) served 1 1 :30 to 4 Sundays SPECIAL 2.50 Hours: Operated by Chuck LaVerne Berg and Family FISH FRY on FRIDAYS Bar Daily 8 o.m. to I p.m. 3i45 p.m. to 1 a.m. Every Friday 11 ojn.

to II p.m. CALL HOW! i Serving Food Daily 1 1 to 2:00 p.m. PERCH FISH FRY 0Q Nightly 4 to 12.30 Serving Lunch Daily from 1 1 130 a.m. Mon. through Fri.

In Our Bar Bull Session 4 to 6, Mon. to Fri. Banquet Facilities For Groups Up to 1 00 Persons 2724 Kohler Memorial Drive, Shoboygon Dial 458-8283 I rv I i no), wn? vlaw, buttered bun 1910 Calumet Drive Monday thru Thursday SPECIAL! 12 w- ti-toc TOP SIRLOIN DICKER fiJ5 THANKSGIVING DAY niw 3 Open By Reservation Only! Includes Soup Solad Bar We still have some dates available for your CHRISTMAS PARTIES, STAGS, ANNIVERSARIES, ETC in Our APOLLO ROOM Licensed For LIQUOR BEER NOTE: New Hours DANCING WW Tues. thru Thurs. 1 1 o.m.

to 1 1 p.m Fri. and Sat. 1 1 o.m. 'til Sun. 1 1 o.m.

to 10 p.m. (Closed Mondays) 00 and KK southwest ol Sheboygan FRIDAY NITE Dial 467-6476 at the junction of Cty. Tr. "RUSS ZIMMERMANN" MBHaMaitl $105 FRIDAY: ALL TKE PERCH YOU Can Eat and Soup. IS Special Today Tomorrow SATURDAY SUNDAY- Nov.

7-8 ff 14-16 oi. Serving I KA CTAtjniUA DDIUC DIR 3 5 PIECB Of PtKtH served with trench fries, cole slaw, Includes Soup Salad Bar tartar sauce, buttered roll 0 Dining Room Open 7 Days a Weekl FOR RESERVATIONS CALL 894-7707 Reg. $1.65 On Safe UVJ COLONEL SANDERS' RECIPE Catering to Private or Public WEDDINGS BANQUETS (vtitu(kt) fried CMchn, NORTH: 2108 North Ave. SOUTH: 2333 Bus. Hwy.

141 OPEN: Daily Sunday 1 1 a.m. to 9 p.m. This Friday through Sunday only. T-Bone hO Regularly $2.95 THIS WEEKEND 0IJLY! tn Nov. SUN.

Super Sirloin Regularly $2.49 VVholo SHEBOYGAN FALLS, WIS. Appearing Friday Night DAVE BROTZ and MARTY SULLIVAN Au. ft mm me "Is sU 'A il fk cMki if tTencn FISH lei Western Cut LJ Regularly $1.99 You get our regular.complete steak dinner including baked potato, tossed salad and a warm roll with butter. Plus Other Seafood Specialtiet 5 to 11 PM.WXXtVXfx3 Saturday I PRIME RIS of BEEF $0 7C Ao Jos, with Salad Bar We Sunday 1 Buffet Salad Bar $3.25 I serving 1 1 4:30 8 30 P.m. Children under 12 $2 1 PONDERfiSA STEAK HOUS (Fresh Baked In Our Kitchens) Reg.

$1.29 Volua (q)(o) 3518 Kohler Memorial Drive (Opposite the Mall) Limit 2 Alwayt Delightful Dinner, Spirit and Service For Reservations Call 467-6401 fervtng from our PUU MENU AT ALL TIMCSI Carry Out Ony V. i J. A d. UMi.

The Sheboygan Press from Sheboygan, Wisconsin (2024)


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