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Do You Remember? er? YEARS AGO TODAY MAY 27, 1908 John Van de Vaart, who recently purchased the interest of Lew Silvers and since named his popular saloon, the is going to open a palm garden on first class lines by next Sunday. For sometime past, Van has had the idea to place Sheboygan with other cities in the line of furnishing an up-to-date palm garden and now is determined to do this. Accordingly he has sold the pool and billiard tables which occupied his annex and will be moved to the building formerly occupied by Henry Weihn's cigar factory and store. It will be on the plan of Schlitz' palm garden or the Hungarian in Milwaukee, where any one or a party of ladies and gentlemen can drop in for a sociable chat and order drinks, lunches, or cigars. It will not be necessary for the people to go in the saloon part.

The gas company is laying gas mains along Eighth Street north of Michigan Avenue. This move is made now so as not to be in the way after the paving is done on this part of the street. Charles Hilpertshauser, the architect, has the plans for the building of the cold storage plant to be erected for the Wisconsin Cooling Co. at a cost of $30.000. 50 YEARS AGO TODAY MAY 27, 1933 Eddie Mathews' Palm Garden, Sheboygan's newest and in many respects most novel and certainly most modern cafe, will be informally opened to the public in two special evenings of pleasurable dining and dancing tonight and Saturday night.

The Palm Garden is located in the basem*nt of the Fox Theatre, which has been so redecorated as to make it one of the most delightful of the city's evening pleasure spots. Werner Peete and his band from Chicago, the same quintet of spicy musicians which proved so popular during a recent engagement at the Rendezvous, will furnish the dance music for the first two evenings of entertainment at the new cafe. There will be no cover charge and no admission at any time. Eddie Mathews, one of Sheboygan's premier entertainers and a former Ziegfeld Follies luminary, has arranged a program of dance entertainment that is certain to prove highly enjoyable to the Palm Garden patrons. Tom Thomas, Sheboygan student at Carleton College in Northfield, was a member of the sophom*ore debate team which met the freshman team in an annual debate during the past week.

A purse of fifty dollars is offered each year by the Rev. Mr. Stimson of New York City for the winning team. The subject for the debate was: Resolved that unpreparedness is a most effective means of maintaining peace. The sophom*ore team upheld the negative side of the question and the freshmen argued the affirmative.

Besides Tom Thomas, the winning team was composed of Edmund Burnsted and James Hill. Edmund, whose home is at Chippewa Falls, is a nephew of Attorney Lester Weisse of Sheboygan Falls and visits here each summer. Tom Thomas is the son of Mr. and Mrs. I.

C. Thomas, Euclid Avenue. 25 YEARS AGO TODAY MAY 27, 1958 ROME (UPI) Samuel Cardinal Stritch died today at the time of his greatest honor in the Roman Catholic Church. The funeral will be held in Rome and the body will be flown back for burial in Chicago where he was archbishop for 18 years. The cardinal died peacefully early this morning, clutching an image of the crucified Christ he loved.

Bishop Martin O'Conner, of Scranton, will officiate the requiem mass to be sung for Cardinal Stritch at St. Ignatius Church on Thursday. The official duties of Samuel Cardinal Stritch brought him to Sheboygan on more than a dozen occasions while he was archbishop of Milwaukee. A check of indicated that his first visit to was to administer the sacrament firmation at St. Clement's Church in April, 1931.

His final visits, before leaving for Chicago to become head of the Chicago archdiocese, were in November and December, 1939. On those occasions he administered the sacrament of confirmation at Holy Name Church and St. Peter Claver Church. The 70-year-old Cardinal is the first American-born priest ever summoned to Rome to become a member of the curch's governing curia. GROTON, CONN.

(AP) Two of the nation's atom submarines the Skate and the Seawolf have sailed for 30 days and more under the sea to set new endurance records. Adm. Arleigh Burke, chief of naval operations, hailed the records as "major breakthroughs of the first magnitude with implications far beyond undersea warfare." During a training exercise, the Skate operated continuously underwater for 31 days and hours. The Seawolf surfaced after 30 days. She held the previous endurance record of 16 days.

Burke made dramatic announcemet moments before the nation's sixth and fastest nuclear sub, the Skipjack, slid down the ways into the choppy gray water of the Thames River. Cranston Hopes Showing In State Straw Poll Is Strong MADISON (AP) Sen. Alan Cranston of California expressed hope Thursday he will pose a strong challenge to favored Walter Mondale in a presidential straw poll at the Wisconsin Democratic State Convention next month. Cranston told a news conference he was optimistic about pulling off a success similar to his second place finish at the Massachusetts Democratic State Convention last month. In Massachusetts, Cranston surprised many observers by finishing ahead of Sens.

John Glenn of Ohio and Gary Hart of Colorado. Mondale finished first. Cranston said straw polls a relatively new development and carry greater weight than public opinion polls because they test candidates' strength among party regulars, Cranston said. "I am trying to reach every delegate that I can reach personally" before the Wisconsin convention, Cranston said. "I also am phoning a number of delegates.

We are doing our utmost." Cranston said increasing weight should be given to straw polls. He said public opinion polls gauge primarily candidates' name recognition and not their strength within a party. Name recognition has given Mondale and Glenn an early advantage in the Democratic presidential sweepstakes, he conceded. "One was a vice president and one was an astronaut," Cranston said. "I was neither." "I would assume that Walter Mondale would have to be viewed as the overwhelming favorite" at the Wisconsin convention, Cranston said.

About 2,000 delegates, alternates and guests are expected for the two-day convention in Milwaukee June 10-11. Glenn and U.S. Sen. Ernest Holins of South Carolina do not intend to appear, although most other Democratic presidential hopefuls do, including Mondale, Hart, Cranston and former Florida Gov. Reubin Askew.

STUDY DEVICE ROCHESTER, N.Y. (AP) A device for studying previously unknown nuclei has been developed in the University of Rochester's Nuclear Structure Research Laboratory. Physicist Thomas Cormier designed the device, called a Recoil Mass Spectrometer. The spectrometer measures the products of nuclear collisons, particularly those that result when a bombarding atom fuses with its target. These fusion products, some of which have never before been observed, are significantly different from more common reaction products, Cormier says.

Governor Ponders ELF Suit Requested By Madison Group MADISON (AP) Gov. Anthony Earl will probably respond early next week to a request that Wisconsin sue to halt construction of the Navy's Project ELF communications system, an aide said Thursday. Harold Bergan, the governor's policy adviser, said Earl would consult with Gov. James Blanchard of Michigan before replying to Stop Project ELF. a Madison-based group opposed to the project.

The group Wednesday cited an English study that found a higher than expected incidence of leukemia in electrical workers in requesting Earl and Blanchard to seek a court order against Project ELF. It said the study indicated the Project ELF's environmental impact statement was inadequate. The study, published last. Author Buying Radio Station BANGOR, Maine (AP) Stephen King, author of such best-selling horror novels as and "'The is buying a Bangor rock 'n' roll radio station and says he's "delighted to be investing in the future of my home been interested in radio since I was about 3 years old, but this is the first involvement of this kind," said King as it was announced Thursday that he had signed a purchase agreement with the sachusetts -based Acton current owner of WACZ-AM. King, who recently returned to his home in Bangor after a promotional tour in England for his latest novel, "Christine," has been long been involved in charity fundraising events sponsored by "I'm proud of the 'Z' and happy to own it," he said.

The agreement precedes formal approval of the station ownership by the Federal Communications Commission. The purchase price was not disclosed. The station, formerly has been in operation since 1926. PRESSURE PIN Cranston was asked how he El Salvador. side the visible cap.

NEW MARKET SAVINGS ACCOUNT The Best New Account In Years Federally insured No early withdrawal penalty Market yields Minimum Deposit $2,500 Unlimited deposits Unlimited withdrawals in person or by other authorized means Phone or stop by for all the details EACH DEPOSITOR INSURED TO $100,000 BY THE FDIC, AN AGENCY OF THE U.S. GOVERNMENT CLEVELAND STATE BANK FDIC Cleveland, Wisconsin Member FDIC Phone 693-8256 NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) A red pin sticking out of your tire will soon let you know if the pressure is too low. The red warning signal becomes visible inside a clear plastic cap that is part of a tire valve. The new device.

manufactured by Schrader Automotive Group of Scovill performs all the functions of a conventional tire valve, but when pressure drops below a predetermined level, a red pin snaps up in- Sheboygan Press, Friday, May 27, 1983 month in The Lancet, a British medical journal, found a "small excess of leukemia" among electrical workers in southeast England. The chairman of the University of Wisconsin-Madison electrical engineering department said he would have to see the study before drawing any conclusions about its findings. Professor William P. Birkemeier said he was surprised by the English finding of elevated leukemia levels in electrical workers, because they are not exposed to any more extremely low frequency electromagnetic radiation, or radio waves, than anyone else. "The entire population of the country is immersed in a 60cycle Birkemeier said.

He said man also evolved without apparent problems in the earth's magnetic field, which is not unlike an ELF field. The Navy wants to use extremely low frequency (ELF) waves beamed from antennas at an existing test site near Clam Lake and another to be built near Marquette, to communicate with U.S. submarines on patrol. John C. Stauber, a Stop Project spokesman, said the Navy's environmental impact statement is six years old, and the research published in The Lancet was the sixth study in the last year that linked low-level ELF waves to health problems.

"In the past year, science has established that chronic exposure to very low levels of ELF electromagnetic radiation causes or promotes human cancer," Stauber said. Stauber said one of the Navy's own studies found that residents of northern Wisconsin and Upper Michigan would be bathed in ELF waves at significant levels as far as 11 miles from the antennas, and thousands of persons live within those areas. exposure people would receive from an ELF antenna is significant, and it would be in addition to whatever exposure they are already receiving from power lines or home appliances," Stauber said. Stop Project ELF also asked Earl and Blanchard to seek a halt to test transmissions from Clam Lake until an up-to-date impact statement was prepared. There is still give Her the Gift she'll Marco WITH DISCOUNT COUPON Reg.

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have been that he felt he couldn't compete strongly here." Mondale reiterated his opposition Reagan administration policies in Central America. The real enemies in El Salvador are "poverty, hunger, disease and a rightwing tyranny," Cranston said. "'The Communists are simply parasites." felt about some Wisconsin churches which have welcomed refugees who have fled Centrl America and entered the U.S. illegally. "The churches throughout history have provided a sanctuary" for refugees, Cranston said.

"I respect the churches for opening their doors." Cranston said he did not believe the fatal shooting Wednesday of U.S. Navy Cmdr. Albert Schaufelberger, 32, would lead to stepped up U.S. activity. Schaufelger was the first U.S.

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